The Government has set out its aspirations to increase housing supply, largely through the development of affordable homes.  With a huge capacity gap between supply and demand, the market is struggling to deliver the new homes the UK requires and the Government has set out an aspiration for the off-site market to fill some of the gap.

View of Sahel Majali

Sahel Majali, CEO of Mid Group – a firm specialising in residential developments, believes off-site construction will play an increasingly important role in the UK housing market – but there is still a way go for capacity to increase.

“Off-site construction is one way to bridge the gap between the 120,000 homes per annum currently being delivered using traditional methods, and the circa 240,000 new homes actually required.” comments Majali.

“However, the market will need to increase its capacity and become more mainstream to deliver on what is required.”

Andrew Shephard explains

Andrew Shepherd, Deputy CEO at Mid Group and a contributor to HM Government on off-site explains, “The market is growing, but the majority of suppliers are manufacturing companies and are therefore one step removed from their end user market.  These suppliers are not always keen to deliver on site, and it is in the delivery that a number of the benefits of off-site construction can be realised.

“One criticism levelled at the market has been that it remains, to an extent, a somewhat cottage industry.  However, we are seeing this change as more and more major participants are heavily investing into off-site manufacture.  For example, in the last year, we have seen L&G commit to putting a significant sum into an off-site housing factory and HM Government commit to providing funding support for Laing O’Rourke’s new manufacturing facility.

“Our approach at Mid Group is to work with a range of suppliers and manufacturers who provide a range of products and solutions. We then select the best solution for our clients, ensuring the best fit each and every time.”

Mid Group

Mid Group, originally established in 1991, is a leading multi-disciplinary organisation providing investment, construction and development services for projects in the UK, Jordan and the Middle East.

The business is dedicated to increasing the capacity in the housing market in the UK, but also to using innovative techniques such as off-site construction methods to deliver beautifully designed, modern and sustainable homes in sought after locations that are sensitive to the landscape in which they are built.

The company is currently working on a number of schemes across the South East of England, all of which are focused on using innovative, off-site solutions.