The first offsite panels have arrived at our site at Longfield Crescent, Lewisham.  These panels are being used to deliver new homes for Lewisham Homes and their residents.

The new homes are able to be erected in one day each, delivering a watertight structure that can then have internal fixtures and fittings applied.


longfield crescent lewisham

The image shows the efficiency of delivering pre-planned and carefully packed components to a site.  We estimate that the delivery would represent upwards of 4 deliveries if we were to utilise a traditional construction approach.

This significantly impacts the carbon footprint of the build.

However, the environmental benefits do not stop there.  The completed homes will be significantly more air tight and efficient than a traditional home and will reduce fuel bills by around half. The components shown also have the triple glazed windows included, that will further improve the efficiency of the new homes.

Sahel Majali, Chairman and CEO of the Mid Group said, “We look forward to seeing these new homes pop up over the coming weeks, with the minimum of disruption to local residents. The use of offsite construction for new homes offers multiple benefits to all stakeholders on this project.”

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