The Government has set out its aspirations to increase housing supply, largely through the development of affordable homes.  With a huge capacity gap between supply and demand, the market is struggling to deliver the new homes the UK requires.

Sahel Majali – Off-site Construction

Mid Group CEO, Sahel Majali, believes off-site construction will play an increasingly important role in the UK housing market – in the delivery of affordable homes, but also for high end developments.

He said: “Off-site construction is a way to bridge the gap between the 120,000 homes per annum currently being delivered using traditional methods, and the circa 240,000 new homes actually required, according to government guidelines.” comments Majali.

Housing projections for the UK (2012-2022), by the Department for Communities and Local Government, indicate that an additional 220,000 households will be formed every year, so it is important that new and innovative solutions are used to help meet growing demand.

Off-site construction methods are being recognised as a viable solution to the housing shortage. More and more house builders are exploring the off-site build technologies as a way to improve quality and increase efficiencies of costs.

Andrew Shepherd

Andrew Shepherd, Deputy CEO at MID Group and a contributor to HM Government on off-site explains, “We’ve come a long way since the prefabricated buildings used to address the housing crisis after the Second World War.

“Controlled off-site manufacturing and assembly helps to ensure projects are consistently delivered on time and to budget. The process can also offer a better working environment, which helps when recruiting a new skilled workforce.  The lack of availability of skilled labour is a major issue for the UK construction industry, creating new, well paid careers in attractive factory environments is much more appealing than temporary roles on sites up and down the UK.

“Furthermore, off-site construction allows builders to minimise disruption on site, reducing the negative impact construction sites often have on the surrounding area. Off-site solutions will create less waste, reducing the numbers of deliveries required to be made to and from sites.  This is key when it comes to building good relationships with local communities.

“Finally and maybe most importantly, smart off-site solutions take jobs off typically less safe construction sites and move them into the safer working environment of a factory, thereby increasing the safety of our workforce”

Mid Group

Mid Group, originally established in 1991, is a leading multi-disciplinary organisation providing investment, construction and development services for projects in the UK, Jordan and the Middle East.

The business is dedicated to increasing the capacity in the housing market in the UK, but also to using innovative techniques such as off-site construction methods to deliver beautifully designed, modern and sustainable homes in sought after locations that are sensitive to the landscape in which they are built.

The company is currently working on a number of schemes across the South East of England, all of which are focused on using innovative, off-site solutions.