As a multi-national organisation, with over 1,300 permanent employees based in over 5 different countries worldwide, at the Mid Group, we’re very aware of our impact on the communities around us. We’ve therefore made it part of our company vision to help the people that surround us – giving back to those in need.

Helping others

Our growth as a specialist construction, investment and development company has meant a lot to the people around us over the years. As an influential organisation, we go to great lengths to help and support not just our employees, but also the underprivileged and deprived. That’s where the Emkan charity comes in.

The Emkan charity

In 2008, the Mid Group and Sahel Majali helped found the Emkan charity, a non-profit charity which was set up to help contribute to local groups in Jordan, through health, educational and social care.

Supporting families of the poor and deprived, Emkan provides care and help for orphans, students and the sick. Emkan organises ongoing care for a wide range of different communities in and around Jordan and the Middle East, and helps to support cultural projects and other social programs.

Current projects include aiding students in their studies, providing financial help and support for young learners in Jordan.  You can head over to the Emkan website to find out more about our projects.

Supporting community projects

Through our continued work with the Emkan charity, we’ve been privileged enough to work with some incredible people on some unforgettable projects over the years. We’ve helped to create jobs in the area, support students in education, provide excellent care for those in need and helped to raise the overall standard of living in areas of Jordan by supporting and leading community projects.

At Mid Group, we’re extremely proud to be associated with Emkan and the people and communities of Jordan. It’s such a brilliant organisation, and one we look forward to working with for many more years to come.

You can find out more about the charity and how to get involved with Emkan over on their website.